About US

The Guest house Kraukliai is a modern sleeping structure with a large terrace, on the shore of an artificial pond that was made a couple of years back and is fish-rich. Fire and
tent sites are also available. The guesthouse features TV/sat, karaoke, laser lights, bar, kitchen, fireplace, spacious space for both dancing and celebrating the
of banquets and other sociable events for up to 50 people. If there's a desire to just sit by the fireplace and experience the joys of water pipe smoke. Of course, let's not forget the sauna itself, which is
arranged so that both the cooling water of the pond and the icy underground water from the water basin can be used.

We offer a lovely and pleasant holiday 20 km from Riga – a place in Tinuzi. From the store's crossroads 1 km to the Turn of Tourkalne, we turn onto Tourkalne
Road and then, after a 2 km turn to the right and right, we see a wooden fence, pond and guesthouse Krauklitis, which has successfully started this year and where
will always be invited to quiet and peace seekers, family festivities celebrators, sauna fans and fun companies.